Let’s see where this goes.


Words. I have never been very good at knowing how to use them. I love to contemplate the power that they have, the fact that through them we share who we are, but I often find myself tripping on them. To me they are tricky. It is so easy to become caught up in thinking what-is-the-perfect-way-to-say-this, only to realize that your moment to say something has passed. I am caught in this cycle when it comes to most topics. Although, that it not to say that I remain quiet. Quite on the contrary, I love talking to people! But, due to my wonderful talent of “tripping”, I tend to make most conversations awkwardly enjoyable.

Surprisingly, there is one topic that my endless fascination for it causes my thoughts to easily roll off my tongue. This topic is the saints. Their stories cause me to go into a childlike awe. This state is transferred into my thoughts and words and I cannot contain myself. There still maybe a hint of the awkwardness, but in my mind the cycle of finding the right words to say stops. I am too caught up in the heroic factor of their lives, and I can go on about them for hours. There is so much we can learn from them. The value of their example is immeasurable, and these stories rightly demand to be shared with others.

I guess this is why I’m here starting a blog. I want to help tell their story, The same stories that have changed my life. I cannot say where this is going to go, but for the coming weeks my goal is to shine a light on a different saint’s life everyday. To, through them, share my love for the church. To, through the telling of their lives, show that they are not simply “good people”, but instead they are real heroes. To show that we were created to be like them. To prove how they indeed did have faith the size of a mustard seed… and went on to move mountains. So, I pray that tendency to trip on tricky words gets put on hold for this project, and that the light of the saints and the church may shine through so that like them, we can all start to move mountains.

I can only promise an incredible story everyday. It will not be incredible because of my writing. No, this has nothing to do with me. It will be an incredible story because of the ones who lived it. And more than that, because the One they lived for is so awesome.

The saints. Their lives. Their impact. Their example. The church. And God. These things are truly beyond words.

God bless you!



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