The Ancient Yet Enchanting Tales

Saint legends carry an enchanting grace to them. It is grace that allows us to contemplate the antiquity of Holy Mother Church. Yes, they may be ancient but they are not archaic. These ancient characters embody the fact that the faith is steadfast, unchanging. It does not matter that some of these saints are centuries old; they still possess the same vitrtues as the modern day saints. Even more beautifully, these saints are the inspiration to the saintly faithful of the past and now. And I mean, come on, saints legends can never fail at being epic stories.

Take the story of St. Genesius for example. His is a legend of a Roman shorthand. A speech and a quill was this roman citizen’s passion. Although, Genesius was much more than just a citizen who could transcribe speeches well, he also had a incredible (and at that time illegal) faith in Christ. He was a catecumen preparing for baptism, suddenly he was given a task he could not fulfill. He was called upon to transcribe the proclamation of an imperial edict mandating the persecution of Christians. He knew he could not do this. It went against all that he believed in. So, he bravly fled. He knew that he was putting his life on the line, but it was all for a much greater reward. Soon, this strong man was captured. He went on to have the great honor of becoming a martyr. St. Genesius was beheaded in 303 A.D.

There many other legends surronding this well known saint. I love that. I love that the church and it’s truth dates so far back that we all these inspiring legends. One thing we are able to know for sure, these stories are based on truly heroic individuals. Individuals of such great faith that nothing can shake it, even death itself. And old tale gets even more incredible.

It is said that after he was beheaded, angels came and brought his head to Cartagena, Spain. This would explain the devotion that the country has to this great saint and story. The location of heaven sent burial is now a legendary sight on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage. There he is known as  San San Ginés de Arlésde Arlés. Through his intersession. many people have experience miracles here.

Let us praise God for all of these incredible stories. The epic faith that these heroes had. Let us thank Him for the beauty and wonder in the antiquity of the Church. May we one day have graces that are shown in us through these inspirational tales. Lets’ go out and like them never back down.

San Ginés de ArlésPray for us!

All you holy angels and saints, Pray for us!

God bless you,



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